Singapore February 2020 Retail Workshop

In February 2020, Flowertalk were invited to Singapore to teached in a private class to a group of ladies who were very interested in flowers arranging. Flowers that were more for the retail business and home “hobby” flowers arranging. The workshop were held over 3 days.

Day 1, we have a round table talk about the principles of design & element of designing each different style of flower arranging. The know how preparation of foam for vase, box, basket and hand tied bouquet. The mechanic that was used for certain container. The different types of tapes, scissors, cutter and wires.

Day 2, we visited flowers markets and they were taught how to select flowers and care for flowers. Sundries were bought for the workshop by the attendees. Once we got back to the class, preparation for the flowers. During this time, I did demonstrations of 5 arrangements for the workshop.

Day 3, fun part begin! They get to do all their 5 pieces of different arrangements as seen in day 2. Our photographer for this workshop is Ade Lau capturing the ladies in action and their creations. I must said what an amazing day it was and the girls creativness must be admired, taken in consideration this is their first time in trying their hand at flowers arranging!

I would like to sincerely thank you to Sommart Maloney and Prisana Carniege for making this workshop happened. A big thank you to my assistant Adeline Zhao for her tremendous help during the 3 days workshop!

Photographer: Ade Lau Photography