The Flowered Fellas

Natalija & I had been discussing the possibility of doing an “older generation” couples shoot featuring flower crowns. We did a search for couples in their 80s and 90s, but unfortunately many of them are living alone as their spouses have passed away.  So, we decided to feature the men instead as they don’t often get to wear flowers!

As the search for models progressed, I thought maybe if I approached men who had somehow been associated with flowers they might be more likely to say yes to the unusual request of photographing them wearing flowers.

We did the shoot in a flower farm hothouse at View Time Flowers which was the perfect location. The flower crowns, pocket squares and colour palettes were decided and made on site to suit the outfit and personality of each man.


Crediting: Stardust Website / Stardus Instagram

Shoot Location: View Time Flowers Website /   View Time Flowers Facebook

Blooms also from: Everbloom Website / Everbloom Instagram